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Monica D.

My coaches say that I made great strides in my stability, control and form after seeing Dr. T.

“Over the years, my gym nicknames have included: Spaz, Noodle Girl, and Gumby. That may not seem like a problem if you are a yoga instructor or professional dancer, but it was a big issue for a Crossfitter.

I had been doing Crossfitt and/or Crossfit-type workouts since 2011. I started to notice pain in my lower back and hip, but I ignored it for a long time because I was really focused on getting stronger and faster. I thought that if I worked harder and did more WODs, my strength would eventually match my flexibility. But, a strange thing happened, the longer I worked out, the more flexible I became and my pain increased.

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Lucky for me, a new coach entered my path and noticed my unique issues. He knew right away that I had needed extra help and he referred me to Active Care Atlanta. At my first appointment with Dr. T., he asked me to complete a series of range-of-motion and mobility tests. Little did I know that my hypermobility had expanded into my SI joint! However, Dr. T. was patient and seemed to be eager for a new challenge. I have been doing stability exercises for six months, along with receiving ART from Dr. T. I also wear a SI support belt that Dr. T. recommended when I do heavy lifting and squatting.

I cannot explain how happy I am that at every appointment, I can report feeling progressively better. My coaches say that I made great strides in my stability, control and form. Before finding Dr. T, I was frustrated and almost ready to give up and retire from Crossfit, but now my performance is better than ever!”

Titin Tech founder turns to Active Care Atlanta for performance enhancement

“When I first came to Dr. Lee, I had severe pain in my calf, lower back and hips. ART therapy was able to give me immediate and sustainable relief. The doctors were able to target the problem areas even without me pointing them out. Their accuracy and attention to detail is unmatched! Dr.Lee got me healthy and back in the gym quickly. Not only was I back in the gym, but I came back stronger because they found problems I didn’t even know I had.

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Amazing experience and I suggest that anyone with low energy, muscle/skeletal soreness, and even intense pain go see Dr. Lee first before you waste your time, energy and money on medication. Fix the problem at the source with Active Care Atlanta!”

Patrick Whaley

Titin Tech

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Sharon G.

Dr. Turnipseed helped my lower back issue after a back surgery

“I had back surgery a couple of years ago and have experienced back and hip pain ever since. Dr. Turnipseed spent a great deal of time evaluating me and subsequently treating me. I saw improvement with every visit! Dr. T. is not your typical chiropractor. He uses methods that no other chiropractor has done on me. He is patient and thorough and a real delight and I will never try one of the old rack & crack chiropractors again! I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

Competitive Dancer Takes Care of Her Spine

“After my visit with Dr. Lee on Thursday, my shoulder felt better by Friday morning and even better by Saturday morning! As a competitive dancer, I was worried that I wasn’t going to be able to compete because of my shoulder injury just 3 days earlier. I was able to not only dance at the competition but we placed 2nd across the board! For the first 5 dances, my dance partner said I was dancing “carefully” because I was afraid of injuring myself again.

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But, because I felt no pain, had full range of movement and was feeling so much better (and I did “ice it” in between as Dr. Lee suggested) we danced the rest of the competition much stronger. I am very grateful to have been able to compete this time! Thank you Dr. Lee for helping me! You truly are THE BEST!!!”

• 2012 & 2008 Hotlanta Dance Challenge, Rising Stars Standard closed Scholarship – 1st place
• 2008 Virginia State Dancesport Competition, Smooth Bronze Scholarship – 1st place

dance medicine

AnneMarie Edwards

Brian Jones.jpg

Brian J.

10 yrs of back pain relieved after treatment at Active Care Atlanta

“I have dealt with dull lower back pain for probably 10 years but a sudden and very painful injury finally brought me to Active Care Atlanta. When I first walked through the door at Active Care Atlanta I couldn’t stand up straight or sit in a chair due to the pain in my lower back. I had aggravated a disc in my lower back working out. I was leery of someone making “adjustments” or doing a treatment just based on symptoms or pain I had. But the first thing Dr. Turnipseed did was put me through movements to truly see where I was having trouble.

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After our first session I went from barley being able to stand up straight to walking pain free. The process was great as well because it felt like Dr. T was trying to treat me in a few visits as possible and get me back to working out.

One of the best parts from the visit was the additional work Dr. T did with me teaching me how to prevent further injuries. He taught me new exercises I should be doing and corrected form issue that have existed in my lifting for years. My experience with Dr. T really felt like he was trying to make me better and showed me that just because I am active doesn’t mean that I have to deal with everyday aches and pains. I have told everyone I can about Dr. T and Active Care Atlanta. My results were simply astounding.”

Strength & Conditioning Coach Relies on Active Care Atlanta

“I first went to Dr. Lee to see how the health of my spine was doing. After that visit, I realized that I had subluxation issues that needed to be addressed as well as other minor muscular issues. With his mastery in ART, I have personally experienced the greatest healing of these issues. I am an athlete and Strength & Conditioning Coach whose body undergoes physical stress on a regular basis. My wife and I both see him on a regular basis.

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It has been a blessing to know that I can rely on Dr. Lee to help alleviate any pains that I am experiencing. I recommend everyone that I work with (150 + athletes monthly) that has any physical issue to see Dr. Lee before recommending them to any other doctor. They don’t fix everyone but their top notch character and integrity can be trusted in fully. They have always been honest with everyone I have sent to them, and they will help them to the best of their ability and will recommend other forms of treatment if they are not able to treat them. My experience with Active Care Atlanta’s service as been one of pleasure and joy each and every visit. I highly encourage you to see Dr. Lee for any issue you may be facing as it relates to your physical wellbeing.”

Ben Davis, Iron Tribe coach

Ben Davis

Iron Tribe

Alex WiltBerger

Alex Wiltberger

Chiropractic Benefits During Pregnancy

“I came to Active Care Atlanta for prenatal care because with my first pregnancy I had sciatic pain, which led to difficulty walking, lots of discomfort and a long birth. I wanted to be proactive for this pregnancy, and prenatal chiropractic care was recommended to me by several doctors. I had never been to a chiropractor before and was extremely nervous. My first appointment put me at instant ease. The doctor not only helped diagnose what was causing my pain but showed me with a cool computer graphic how my alignment was effecting certain muscles that were effecting nerves and causing all of that pain. After several sessions, my pain was gone.

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As my belly has gotten bigger, I have not experienced the round ligament pain and hip soreness that plagued my first pregnancy. I sleep much better and am more confident in my body’s ability to carry me through the rest of the pregnancy and through labor. Active Care Atlanta staff was so warm and friendly that I look forward to my visits not just because I know I will leave feeling great but because I will leave with a smile on my face.”

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