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5 Tips to Avoid Injuries During Yard Work

back pain yard work

by Dr. Chandler Turnipseed, DC

This week we had a few people calling to schedule appointments after injuring themselves doing yard work over the weekend. In case yard work is on your to-do list this Spring, here are some basic but IMPORTANT safety tips to keep in mind!


1. Warm up your body before you start

Just like before you exercise, it is important to loosen up your body to help avoid muscle and joint injuries.


2. Use proper technique

When lifting do NOT bend forward! Remember to keep your back straight and bend your knees squatting down to your load. Carry close to your body and avoid twisting.


3. Make your work easier

Don’t be a hero by digging the ground with your bare hand. Use the right equipment and tools for the task at hand. Take out all the equipment before you go out and work in the yard so it is ready when you need it. Make sure the tools you are using are the right type and size for your height and strength.


4. Stretch! Stretch! Stretch!

Do you remember the soreness you felt after the first day of working out? You just used muscles that did not get much use during the winter season. Those muscles deserve a good static stretch after all of that yard work! Stretching will help you stay mobile and decrease soreness.


5. Everyone needs a break

Take a brief break a few times an hour to rehydrate and give your body a rest. Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration and muscle cramps!

Written by Dr. Chandler Turnipseed – Johns Creek Chiropractor at Active Care Atlanta


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